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Welcome to the Pyramid

Posted: April 27, 2013 in The Purpose
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It all started a few months ago. Maybe it was a few years ago.


I was about to leave college and enter a world where I could earn an honest paycheck for working 40 hours a week. Maybe it was 70 hours a week.


I was told that after 30 years in the business, decades of marginal sex, and my second divorce, I would finally appreciate my college degree and what it gave me.


But I realized something. Maybe I realized after mistakenly drinking ex-lax, or maybe it was after my trip with a girl to pick up plan B for the benefit of ‘our future’


It wasn’t about what I was told. It was about what I knew.


I knew when Jeter flipped the ball to Posada that I was going to be a sports fan.


I knew after watching snake fight revolver ocelot in metal gear solid that gaming would be a staple for the next 20 years.


I knew after my fifth wet dream that it might be time to start washing my sheets on a more consistent basis.


I took a second and figured that there’s three things that make the pyramid what it is. It’s simple. Take the nerdy side, the jock side, and everything in between, and you’ll have a pyramid that can either provide some very insightful ideas, or some very crappy life lessons.

Our goal here is write about stories that relate to the average guy in his 20’s. The guy who is really trying to figure out what happened the last 10 years of his life and what the hell is about to happen in the next 10.