Sunday Night TV

Posted: May 9, 2013 in For The Jock
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Every Sunday night I stumble into a drunken fetal position with a glass of cheap Cab Sav to watch my Sunday television. I like to get there a couple minutes before the show kicks off.  Others do this as well, trying to see the recap of what happened in last week’s episode or because they particularly enjoy the intro to the show (YouTube The Soprano’s intro…epic).  I do this for a very different and very specific reason though that differs:  the letter “N”.

Anyone who has been living under a rock for years, or is too cheap to pony up to have certain premium channels (think HBO, Showtime, Starz), will be ignorant to what I’m getting at. The letter “N” naturally refers to nudity in the upcoming episode.

Even in a world where we have access to trillions and trillions of hours of free pornographic content, that “N” before my Sunday show starts brings a sense of excitement.  It’s like you almost have something to root for while watching the show.

“Hey I really hope the letter N turns out to be Fiona Gallagher topless!” Or “Man I hope this is the episode where Carmela reveals herself to the world!”  The key part of those sentences is one must refer to the person as their characters name.  Saying ‘Emmy Rossum’ or ‘Edie Falco’ just doesn’t sound as clear.  Plus it keeps you in tuned to the show.

The letter “N” could also be a giant backfire too.  This can happen when the “N” is someone like Mandy from Shameless, or if it’s just a naked dude in a particular episode.  That’s always a complete and let down.  But let’s stay positive here and mention a few characters on these respective networks to look for and the show they star in, in no particular order:  Fiona (Shameless), Faith and Karen (Californication), Khaleesi (Game of Thrones), Sloan (Entourage), Carrie (Homeland),  Nancy (Weeds), Deb (Dexter), Meadow (later seasons of Soprano’s), etc.

Far from an exhaustive list, but those are some lovely ladies that bring justice to the letter “N” or perpetually left us wanting more…Who are some of your favorites?

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